What wine to please Easter guests?

Awho will please the Easter guests with wine?

Easter holidays are a time of joy and abundance, when we meet with the closest - family and friends. Good wine is an essential part of the festive atmosphere. But what kind of wine should you offer to visitors so that you can caress their senses with excellent mocha in addition to the rich offer of hospitality?

The key is to know the preferences of your guests. Do they prefer white, rose or red wines? Do they like dry, semi-dry or sweet wines? If you are not sure, it is better to ask in advance. This will prevent disappointment.

Traditional Easter meals are predominantly meaty, which go well with full-flavored red wine. A good choice is Cabernet Sauvignon or Dunaj, but undoubtedly also Frankovka blue. If they prefer white wine, try Műller Thurgau, Riesling Vlachský or Devín. A well-chilled rosé wine is a universal choice that will satisfy even the most demanding visitor. A raisin selection or ice wine is a good partner for sweet dishes and desserts.

Don't forget the right wine temperature and the right glass. The ideal serving temperature is often indicated on the label. In general, white wines should have a temperature of around 8-10°C, red wines around 16-18°C. Cool rosé and sparkling wines to 6-8°C. With these tips, you are guaranteed to choose a wine that your guests will enjoy and enjoy their Easter holidays.

Danube - a wine that excelled in Japan

Exclusive Dunaj wine, a selection of grapes, vintage 2019 from the winery Villa Vino Rača, a.s. won a Diamond medal and two champion titles at the SAKURA AWARDS competition in Japan. This unprecedented success clearly deserves the attention of Slovak wine lovers as well. The winery is a renowned producer of excellent red wines. The well-known Račianska frankovka is worth mentioning. At the recognized Vitis Aurea Modra competition, the Villa Vino Rača, as winery won a special award for the best collection of red wines, and Račianska frankovka was part of this collection.

Naturally sweet francovka - a wine that wowed the French

Palugyay Frankovka blue 2018 ice wine was the highest rated wine in the sweet wine category at the Vinalies Mondial du Rosé 2023. Palugyay Frankovka blue 2018 wine, raisin selection, also achieved similar success this year. Again naturally sweet frankovka and again from the production of the winery Villa Vino Rača, as! Out of 3000 wine samples judged in a blind tasting at the Vinalies Internationales 2024 competition, this particular wine received the highest score. Naturally sweet wine is suitable to serve with desserts, but it can also be pleasing as a separate dessert. The complexity of its flavors promises an unforgettable experience!