In the past, Rača was the first of the wine-growing areas for the inhabitants of Bratislava. In 1949, the United Farmers' Cooperative was founded there.

The period of the 60s to 80s of the 20th century was characteristic for the development of viticulture in Rača. The winegrowers rebuilt old vineyards or planted new ones. Until the end of the 80s, the cooperative was the most important supplier of grapes for the Rača Winery. Wines from the old wine-growing village were thus lost in the anonymity of large-scale production, which sold up to 90% of the grapes grown. The original Rača wine thus got into the glasses of its lovers only in a few, especially in Bratislava restaurants and villas. The turning point came in the early 90s. The cooperative stopped selling grapes and gradually expanded the production of its own wine in the cellar in Rača. It has modernized the technology, introduced fermentation at a controlled temperature and ends the production process by bottling. The purchase of the operation of the former wineries in Hurbanov helped the cooperative significantly expand its processing and storage capacities.

Villa Vino Rača began its new stage of development in 2004 by changing its legal form from an agricultural shareholder cooperative to a joint stock company.