Račianske vineyards are situated in perhaps the most famous wine-growing region of Slovakia. They are located on the southern slopes of the Little Carpathians at an altitude of 150 - 300 m above sea level

The company Villa Vino Rača as is a continuation of a rich tradition in this area, which has been connected with viticulture and the production of quality wines since time immemorial. The focus of the company's production, which ranks among medium-sized wine companies in terms of production, are quality varietal white and red wines and, depending on the conditions and quality of a particular vintage, wines with attributes.

At present, the company Villa Vino Rača as manages 27 hectares of vineyards. In the production process, it uses modern technology of controlled fermentation in its entirety (desilting of musts and subsequent fermentation of musts with pure yeast cultures at a temperature of max. 20 degrees C). In the case of perfectly ripened grapes, collected in small crates, it is the only one in Slovakia to use a pick-up table, where the defensive grapes are checked once more and, if necessary, the disturbed berries are removed so as to ensure perfect quality of the final product. The result of strictly adhered technological procedures are maximally balanced wines, which have not only a pure aroma with a strong varietal character, but also a fresh and delicious taste. Thanks to these attributes, the Rača wine is popular even among the most demanding consumers and lovers of this king's drink.

The achieved success of the company is the result of an ideal combination of three factors - adherence to the traditional quality of wines on the market, a correctly chosen and applied marketing strategy and a prudent business policy of the company. Villa Vino Rača as, as the first Slovak wine producer, can be proud of winning the Quality Mark award, which was awarded to it by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Slovak Republic for Račianska frankovka and Veltlínske zelené products under the National Program for the Support of Domestic Agricultural Products and Foodstuffs.