The coronary crisis does not bypass our winemakers either. The Guild of Winemakers and Winegrowers of Slovakia let it be heard that most Slovak winegrowers have exhausted their savings, loans and financial resources already in mid-November and do not expect the situation to improve in the foreseeable future. "Due to the continuing government measures in gastronomic establishments, the sale of Slovak wine reaches the historically lowest value," said the guild. He pointed out that Slovak winegrowers and winemakers have not received any COVID support to date.

The winemakers therefore came up with the #PiatokPoctivehoSlovenskehoVina initiative. On Friday, we should all buy Slovak wine to save our winemakers.

By purchasing Slovak wines, among other things, you will support the preservation of the historical heritage of our ancestors. The vineyards in our country were planted by the old Romans. According to historical records, we know that Mária Terézia received Frankovka modrá as a gift from the Rača delegation, on the occasion of her fiftieth birthday celebrations. The Empress liked Račianske wine very much and since then she has always wanted Račianske frankovka in her cellars.

You can also order the Rača frankovka online at www.villavinorač