New Year's Eve and wine. How to enjoy without consequences?

New Year's Eve is a time of celebration and joy, but also a time when many of us consume alcohol. With wine, a favorite drink of many, it is important to know how much is "just enough" to maintain a good mood and health the next day.

Consumption rate: The main key is measure. For the average adult, the safe limit is approximately 2 to 3 dcl of wine. This amount does not mean a great risk of drunkenness or discomfort the next day.

Type of wine: The choice of wine also plays a role. Red wine is known for its antioxidant properties, but it can be harder to digest. White wine is often lighter but can contain more sugar.

Pace of drinking: Spread your wine drinking throughout the evening. Drinking quickly increases intoxication and can lead to a worse state of intoxication. Slow drinking allows you to better perceive your own limits.

Hydration and food: Don't forget about adequate hydration and food. Water helps reduce the concentration of alcohol in the blood, and food slows down its absorption.

Listen to your body: Every person reacts to alcohol differently. It is important to be sensitive to your own feelings and limits.

How to mitigate the consequences:

Sometimes it happens that, despite the best intentions, we cross the line of moderate alcohol consumption. If you drank more wine than appropriate on New Year's Eve, here are some tips to mitigate the effects.

  1. hydration: Alcohol dehydrates the body, so it is important to replenish fluids. Drink plenty of water or unsweetened beverages.
  2. A rest: Lack of sleep can worsen the symptoms of drunkenness and hangover. Try to give your body enough rest.
  3. Light food: If you feel like eating, choose light and non-spicy foods. Bananas, toast or yogurt can help.
  4. Avoid caffeine: Coffee and other caffeinated beverages can worsen dehydration. If you feel the need for caffeine, consume it in moderation.
  5. Antacids: If you have stomach problems, antacids can help.
  6. Caution with medicines: Some painkillers can be harmful when combined with alcohol, so it is important to be careful and consult a doctor.
  7. Hour: Finally, time is the best hangover cure. The body needs time to get rid of toxins.

New Year's Eve should be about fun and not headaches the next day. With moderation and a conscious approach, you can enjoy wine without negative consequences. Even if you may have overdone it with a lot of wine, you can effectively reduce the effects of the "monkey" and feel better faster with the steps mentioned above. It is important to remember these tips and be prepared for possible excesses.