Pink is the color of this summer

While coolingé winteré months tend to bear the sign of robustch redch vín, stthe dying mercury in the thermometer asks for somethingahthey eat. Summer is already knocking on the door and that means only one thing - it's time to start yes ulive in debté temperatureé evenings with a glass of roseséhim in his hand.

Few things are as apt a symbol of summer as a dewy bottle of roséého wines taking out on the garden table. goodé rosé pleasantly refreshing even on its owné, but it won't disappear even with a few ice cubes or as a splash. Moreover, it is perfecté for the gardené party connectedé with grilled meat, summer fruit or vegetable salads or cheeses of your choiceI like him.

If you want to enjoy a truly elegant ros this summeréwhiché it even appealed to sommeliersérov at the international wine competition Vinalies Internationales, reach for ours Franks blue dewé Excellence. It is characterized by a juicy tasteou avdistinct fruity tónmi, whiché they are perfecté to a pleasant temperatureé early evening.

Ours is also a good choice pink Danube Exclusive, which will win you over on all sides. At first glanceand vás appeals with an elegant light pink shade, in the fragrance you will discover tónew smalléfruit and raspberry and taste with a balanced combination of residuesésugar and acids are guaranteed to please your taste budsé cells.

Whichever you decideéany rosesé wine from our offer, you can be sure that their deliciousé the flavors will faithfully accompany you throughout the flight. If you want to prepare supplies for tempé months already, buy from us until the end of May for at least 30 and we will enter you into a draw for 6 bottles of wine of your choice for free.