Our wines awarded at Vinalies Internationales!

Our wines win! 


The Vinalies Internationales wine competition has been held in France since 1994 and is considered the world championship of wines. Ours scored points this year!


In total, our wines won up to 8 medals. We won 1 silver medal, 5 gold medals and 2 large gold medals. 


He won the silver medal Exclusive Italian Riesling. They took the gold Palugyay Pinot Blanc, Palugyay Tramin red, Palugyay Müller Thurgau, Frankovka blue excellence a Devín exclusive


Our ice wines earned the big gold from Paris Palugyay Tramin red, year 2018 and Palugyay Frankovka blue, year 2018. 


Slovakia sent 230 wines from 37 wineries to Bordeaux this year. In total, Slovak winemakers won 6 large gold, 36 gold and 16 silver medals.