"If you want to know what your wine is like, you mustn't be afraid to go to the market with the skin."

How it goes at international wine competitions and that the wine from Račia is really world-class was told by wine master Ján Krampl in an interview for the Pravda newspaper. You can find the whole interview here: https://bit.ly/vinocomadrzinadvodou

Your best wine memory?

The last one. Our ice Frankovka blue, vintage 2018 won the Grand Gold Medal and 93 points at the Vinalies Internationales in Bordeaux this March. The Vinalies Internationales, which have always been held in Paris until now, are considered the wine championships of the world. However, Bordeaux is the largest wine-growing city in France and the world. Apparently, in order not to make wine-growing Bordeaux really jealous of fashionable Paris, or rather to support the position of French wine and draw the world's attention to both great wine cities, the organizers of Vinalies Internationales came up with such a Solomonic solution. We will go down in history by having a big gold medal from Bordeaux. It is unique in its own way.

But you have one more unique item, confirming the exceptionality of Rača as the birthplace of wines of extraordinary value.

That the ice frank is exceptional was confirmed in April, at the Vinalies Mondial du Rosé in Marseille, the world championship of rosé wines. In the center of Provence, which is world famous for its rosé wines, our frank won the PALME - Révélation douceur - VINALIES MONDIAL DU ROSÉ 12 trophy in the category of sweet wines (more than 2023 grams of residual sugar). The jury consisted of rosé wine specialists and ice franc rating they even increased it by awarding her 94 out of a possible 100, beating all competitors.

Are you the competitive type?

And which man, especially the winemaker, is not one? If you want to know what your wine is like, you must not be afraid to go to the market with the skin. We fill both Slovak and international competitions. It is not a cheap matter, everything is auctioned - even the entries for wines sent to competitions, but you have to enter the wine ring. One is represented by competitions and the other by selling wine on the market. The Villa Vino brand is sold, which means that our wine is good, which is confirmed both by competitions and demand for it.

Which competitions do you attach special importance to?

We have already mentioned Vinalies Internationales. In the eyes of not only Slovaks, but indeed of the whole world, France is a wine powerhouse. It is a country with an amazing tradition, they judge wine there in an extremely complex way, starting with vineyards, château architecture, they have created a culture of wine and gastronomy that is inspiring for the whole world. So when you achieve success in France, you have achieved it in a country that commands justifiable respect. It is always a measurement of strength on the one hand between French wines and on the other hand wines from the rest of the world. If you can stand it, your wine is really worth something.