Wine has a lot of wisdom. Let's recall some of them.

Is it bad if I like wine for three euros?

Not. Appealing to your taste buds, your wallet will also thank you.

Do screw caps mean that wine is cheap?

Not! Countries like New Zealand have switched to a twist-off style as they already have a bad cork and its wine flavor. In addition, the bottle of wine is easier to open.

Does genetics play a role in what wine I like?

Definitely! Genes affect whether we prefer sweet, hot, spicy or other wine. Genetics thus plays a major role in our selection of wines. For example, the hot taste receptor gene is responsible for making some people very sensitive to hot taste.

How do I know if the wine is floral or fruity?

Wine tasting is mainly about choosing from different flavors and aromas, such as strawberries. Even if you don't actually eat strawberries. Practice your skills and perform a blind test with gummy candies and try to guess their taste.

Why is there such an emphasis on the smell of wine?

There can be any number of odors in one glass of wine, which can vary depending on how long the wine is left in the air. A glass of wine can contain thousands of chemical compounds that are ready to react at any time.

Why do I sometimes get a headache even when I only drank a glass of wine?

When your body breaks down alcohol, inflammation develops, which can contribute to headaches. Eating and drinking more water while consuming wine could help neutralize headaches.

What are tannins?

Tannins are naturally occurring chemicals that give you a dry mouth for a sip of red. They bind to proteins similar to those in saliva and this is what makes your mouth dry.

Sulfites in wine?

Sulfites are the predominant compound in most wines. Sulfur and oxygen thus act together in sulphites as a strong preservative so that the wine does not oxidize too quickly.

What is decanting?

Chemical reactions in wine can form solid particles. Leaving the wine in the carafe for a while can help them fall to the bottom. Decantation can also help alleviate strong-smelling wines.